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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2011
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Dawn just bought her first "A-Book". Through her conversations with the book, she decided to be a writer. The publisher is happy with her first draft and asks her to do some minor changes. Aiming high, Dawn works with her "A-Book" to revise the whole story. But the "A-Book" of the publisher does not like the new story, and ... 擠迫的街道上,各人都拿著A-Book,向它諮詢不同的生活問題。少女Dawn跑進書店,購買她的第一部A-Book。Dawn與A-Book交談之後,她立定主意成為作家。書商十分滿意她的小說初稿,認為只需略作修改就能出版。為了達到完美效果,Dawn請A-Book為她重新構思小說情節。書商的A-Book竟不滿意新故事,這導致書商拒絕替Dawn出版……
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