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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2012
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He is the son of a hunter. One day, his father receives a mission with handsome rewards, but no hunters have ever returned from this mission. They accept the challenge. He finds the target and kills it. The next moment, horns begin growing on his head, and his body is slowly changing. Suddenly, another hunter appears ... 獵人的兒子自少跟隨父親打獵,被訓練成專業的獵人。一天,父親收到一個回報甚高的任務,曾經嘗試完成任務的獵人最後都不知所蹤,兩人決定接受挑戰。兒子在打獵的時候跌倒,遇見目標,把牠射殺之後,自己的頭上竟長出了藍色的鹿角,身體也漸漸出現變化。此時,有另一個獵人看到他頭上的角,兒子到底能否保住性命呢?
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