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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2012
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In this criss-crossing dimension of escalators, Yellow meets Red and for some time they walk together. But Red is missing a heart, and he leaves Yellow behind. Yellow is devastated. Suddenly, White falls from above. As Yellow helps him up, she sees Red on a nearby escalator. She jumps over, but Red is nowhere to be found ... 在扶手電梯縱橫交錯的空間,黃色遇到了紅色,一起走過一段路。紅色卻因為身體空了心,離黃色而去,令黃色失落非常。忽然,從天而降了白色,黃色把他扶起來,卻看到紅色出現在旁邊的扶手電梯上,黃色把心一橫,沒再理會白色,就從扶手電梯跳下去,不過卻再看不見紅色。在黃色一直往前走的時候,前方出現一個人影……
APA: CHAN, Pik ShanCHAN, Pik Shan. (2012). The EscalatorThe Escalator. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010571
MLA: CHAN, Pik ShanCHAN, Pik Shan. "The EscalatorThe Escalator". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2012. Web. 31 May. 2024. <https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010571>.

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