Fresh Wave 2012 - International Short Film Festival [Best Film (Student Division)]鮮浪潮 2012 - 國際短片展「學生組最佳電影」
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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2012
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Yang-dong and Nuan-nuan practice together in a theater class. Nuan-nuan dislikes Auntie, her caretaker, whereas Yang-dong is secretly captivated by this Auntie. Because of their age difference, Yang-dong is confounded by his feelings for her. Yang-dong and Nuan-nuan are selected for a performance at Beijing. At first, Yang-dong is reluctant to go, what is his decision now? 楊東與暖暖是藝術學校的同學,時常一起練習。暖暖受小姨照顧,卻不喜歡她。兩小無猜背後,其實楊東一向暗戀暖暖的小姨。年齡差距帶來的困擾,他又何去何從?有一次,楊東被選拔到北京交流演出。他一直不想去,最終會有怎樣的決定呢?
APA: LI, Yushan李雨珊. (2012). Dong冬去. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:
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