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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2012
00:31:0000:31:00  |  Movies劇情片

Day and night, Xiao Dan works hard in her office and does not spend much time with her boyfriend. Her family is poor. Her dad lives in a dilapidated house. Working tirelessly to earn money, she is intent on providing for her father. But curiosity has gotten hold of her boyfriend. He questions her ... 在辦公室裡,曉丹夜以繼日埋頭苦幹,同事則嗤之以鼻。同居男友關心她的家庭狀況,曉丹就支吾其詞。原來曉丹家境貧困,父親居住破屋,她為了讓父親生活好一點,於是努力掙錢。曉丹不顧一切地工作,男友感到疑惑,無法理解,終於忍不住質問她……
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