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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2012
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Hau has a few pots of Moth Orchid. They were gifts from a girl. Even though he takes good care of them, one is dying. He takes it to a flower shop. At the same time, his father has terminal cancer. He is hospitalised and he does not have much time left. When Hau returns for his orchid, he discovers ... 阿浩在美容院工作,女顧客送給他幾盆蝴蝶蘭。阿浩悉心照料花兒,其中一盆卻有點枯萎,他於是把它送到花店救活。浩父患了末期癌症,行將就木。浩母是虔誠基督徒,家中常有教友到訪為浩父祝禱。浩父日漸衰弱,要入院治療。這時候,阿浩再到花店,竟發現……
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