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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2012
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Taking care of his father who had a stroke, Chunfai has to tolerate his wife's gripe about all the troubles it brings. His brother, a university lecturer, do nothing to help. He is busy with an experiment: he disguises himself as a street sleeper to elicit the reactions of people around him. What will be his results? 王春輝在家中照料中風的父親,惹來妻子梅林埋怨,只能默默忍受。他的哥哥是大學講師,一直沒有分擔照顧父親的工作,梅林對他甚為不滿。這個時候,春輝的哥哥做了一個實驗,扮作露宿者「伏屍」在屋苑內,觀察住戶或保安有什麼反應,到底會出現什麼結果呢?
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