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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2012
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Master tells his disciple that the divine pill grants superpowers. A mysterious dog snatches the pill away. Disciple and dog engage in a fierce fight for the pill. Suddenly, dog loses his footing and falls, his hand clinging at the edge. Disciple holds fast onto dog's hand, but the pill is also rolling towards the edge. What will disciple choose? 師傅告訴徒弟,只要吃了仙丹,就會擁有超凡的力量。這時候,一隻怪犬忽然殺出來,與他爭奪仙丹,雙方展開連番「惡鬥」。怪犬不慎失足,快要從空中巨石直墮萬丈深淵。徒弟伸手拯救怪犬,仙丹忽然滾到他的身旁。仙丹和怪犬之間,徒弟會怎樣抉擇呢?
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