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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2012
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Diverging Footsteps.

An advertisement for Fortune Pharmacal: When I was small, I always followed mother's footsteps. But as time passes – as I grow up – our footsteps diverge, and I walk my own path. The older you are, the further you want to be away from your mother. Is she walking too slow, or am I walking too fast?
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MLA: NG, Wing Yan Un; LAW, Ka Kwong Anthony吳詠欣; 羅家光. "一步一幸福一步一幸福". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2012. Web. 21 May. 2024. <https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-010640>.

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