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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2012
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An advertisement for Fortune Pharmacal: “What is happiness?” It is a question with many answers. We can understand happiness from the big and little things in our lives: a cat catching its tail, the quarrel between couples, or the sweat and the tears. Look closely – happiness and fortune have always been around. 這是為幸福傷風素製作的宣傳短片。「幸福是什麼?」這個問題往往有很多不同的答案。在生活的大小事情中,也能夠領略到幸福的意義,也許是小貓追尾,也許是伴侶鬥氣,也許是辛酸流淚,也許是努力工作。細心留意,幸福一直都在身邊。
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