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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2012
00:03:0000:03:00  |  Advertising廣告策略

This short video with a theme of “Spend! if you PLAN” is designed for AVIVA, a browser plug-in that helps users planning their monthly expenditure. After planning your finance, it will monitor your online shopping activities. When expenditure exceeds the budget, it will alert the user. The video also showcases miscellaneous advertisements for AVIVA. 此短片是為AVIVA設計,以「Spend! if you PLAN」的口號為中心而成的宣傳概念。其概念的核心,是一個能為用家計劃支出的瀏覽器擴充功能:計劃好每個月的目標開支,就能自動監測網上購物,當支出接近預算,就會提醒用家。此外也會有一系列的周邊宣傳,例如大型廣告等等。
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