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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2012
00:03:0000:03:00  |  Advertising廣告策略

An advertising campaign for a fictional 2019 Chief Executive candidate Kowloon Chan. The theme of the campaign, “Leadisten”, highlights the vigour and vitality that the candidate's political program will bring. Through the various advertisements, such as print ads, street exhibitions and interactive activities, the campaign projects a distinctive and vibrant image of the candidate. 此短片介紹為模擬2019年特首選舉候選人「陳九龍」而創作的宣傳概念。以「聆/領」和「Leadisten」為主題,突顯為香港重新帶來活力的政綱,並配以各種宣傳手法,例如宣傳印刷品、街頭展板、互動活動等等,帶出鮮明而富活力的形象。
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