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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2013
00:02:0000:02:00  |  Experimental Art實驗創作

Clock-in is essential for many salarymen when they go to work. As they are working on boring and tiring job, there needs to be more surprise and happiness in their lives. So, we changed the boring "clock-in card" to a real gift card, D-Card. From the beginning of the day, we give the salarymen small but realistic happiness. We also hope those who received our D-Cards can forward the happiness to their special ones. 「打卡」,對很多上班族來說,是每天必做的指定動作。面對累人乏味的工作,生活實在需要一點驚喜和快樂。於是,我們決定把沉悶的「打卡」變成一張實體心意卡,從清晨出發,為上班一族送上一點微小而確切的幸福(小確幸)。同時,亦希望收到「打卡」的您,可以把這種小確幸轉送給特別的他、她、牠。
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