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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2013
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Do you still remember when was the last time you went to supermarket with your family? After grown up, we have less time spent with the family, so... This Sunday, I enjoyed a movie in cinema with the family, chatted and laughed together. There were some words I wanted to say, but they were too embarrassing to tell. Let's write it down! After the movie, we went home to make dumplings. With my cute mum and dad, it was the happiest moment ever. Eating dumplings, taking photos, it's so simple and easy to get along with the family! 還記得嗎?多久沒有與家人一起逛超級市場呢?長大後,我們和家人相處的時間減少了,不如……。這個星期天,全家到戲院一起看電影說說笑笑。有些話想告訴你們,卻又難於啟齒,那就寫下來吧!我們看完電影,回家煮湯圓。全家一齊做湯圓最開心,技巧嫻熟的媽媽和笨手笨腳的爸爸,都是那麼可愛。吃湯圓,拍拍照,家人的相處就是這般直接、簡單!
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