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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2013
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A number of young female artists drawn portrait for public for free at the Mong Kok pedestrian zone on 14th April 2013, and the theme was "birthday party". The event attracted many people watching or even joining the drawing process. They took pictures together after the portrait is finished. Over 200 portraits had been drawn within a day, more then 4,000 visitors visited and the web page had been visited over 6,000 times, with smiles spread over the place. A donation box was set on the floor, where visitors can donate money for charity, part of the income will be donated to Children's Cancer Foundation. 二零一三年四月十四日下午,多名少女畫家在旺角行人專用區免費為香港市民繪畫肖像,題目是生日派對,因而引來不少途人圍觀,少女畫家觀迎其他人參與作畫。畫像完成後,他們拍照留念。全日他們畫了超過二百名人士的肖像,接觸四千多人,網上六千幾人次瀏覽,這帶來無限笑容。地上放置紙箱,途人可以隨緣樂助,部分收益會捐給兒童癌病基金。
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