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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2013
00:05:0000:05:00  |  Experimental Art實驗創作

In the recent days where smartphones are so popular, everyone got addicted to it. Even their friends are just beside them, they won't talk to them face to face. A group of university students decided to do a performance art, covered their head using a black box and used smartphone at the same time, to raise the awareness of this issue. Also, they placed boxes on the table within the common area and canteens, hoped that people would drop their phones inside and enjoy every moment with friends. 在智能手機普及的年代,人人都變了「低頭族」,何時何地都低著頭看電話,即使朋友就在身旁,也不去面對面談話。幾個大學生於是想到用行為藝術的形式,用黑箱蓋著頭用電話,引起旁觀者的注意。另外也放置幾個小盒子,希望人們能在與朋友見面的時候,把電話放在盒子中,專心珍惜相聚的每分每秒。
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