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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2014
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One day at a laundry, a clerk has a strange customer approach, asking to pick up laundry dropped off ten years ago! The clerk asks the customer, a girl named Sze, if she still has her receipt for the clothes dropped off so long ago. When Sze produces a receipt indicating her family lived at Amoy Gardens (淘大花園), the realization of what must have happened sets in. 洗衣專門店女店主海忠誠地服務客戶。某日,神秘女顧客思出現,帶著口罩,有點靦腆,想取回十年前交來清洗的衣服。海歸家途中,與思不期而遇,閒話家常。海向思道別,回頭一望,發現不見她的蹤影,感到有點奇怪。在洗衣店內,海向思細問資料,思卻含糊其詞。思除下口罩喝水,海凝視著她,往事突然在腦海裡浮現出來……
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