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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2014
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A boy lives in a world where people spend all their energy climbing a giant tree. On top of the tree is Paradise. With so many trying to ascend the giant tree at once, what will the boy find up there? 一個遠古國度的神秘部落中,流傳著一個傳說,在一棵高聳入雲的巨樹之上,有著一個充滿快樂和財寶的樂園。故事的主角聽從父親的教導,跟隨著其他族人的步伐,向著這個座落在數千呎高空的樂園進發。他最終能否進入人人嚮往的快樂國度?


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