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In a messy room full of trash, she laid on a sofa and felt dejected, because she was sick and just broke up with her partner. Termination of a relationship is like a flu, making people down. She ate bread madly but could not taste anything. The broken relationship really bothered her and broke her heart. She could not hold it and cried. After vomiting, she took some pills and slept on the sofa. On the next day, she vaguely felt that somebody had covered her up with a blanket... She considered it for a while and finally bounced back. She tidied up her room and herself, as well as admired the view from the balcony and finally smiled. Self-love is a key to embrace happiness. 凌亂的房間,到處都是垃圾。她躺在沙發上,沒精打彩,原來她既生病又失戀!失戀就像一場感冒,總令人提不起勁。她胡亂吃麵包,卻食不甘味。失戀的感覺縈繞在她的心頭,真是太難受了,她禁不住痛哭起來。她嘔吐大作,吃了點藥,然後睡在沙發上。翌日早上,她睡醒後依稀感覺到有人曾為她蓋被子……。她思前想後,重新振作,於是收拾房間,整理儀容。她在天台上遠眺景色,露出笑容。懂得自愛,才能擁抱幸福……
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