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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2015
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Stuck together from birth, three layabout pals do things their own way, and don’t really see things the same as others. But one of the three’s father, Mr. Tung wishes his son Ah Yat could be more successful in regular school activities---maybe even winning a prize, like their neighbor Sze Sze. But as Ah Yat says, “we are never gonna be prize-winning students like Sze Sze, but one day we may find something beyond the scope of her talents.” 眾人眼中平庸而無用初中生──阿一、豬紅和縮骨,從小就喜歡一起,終日自由自在地打鬧嬉戲。三子從來都沒有理會旁人的看法,我行我素。望子成龍的董叔,一而再,再而三要求阿一成為品學兼優的施思般的人,觸動阿一聯同兩兄弟以行動去證明──我不用學人!「我們永遠都不可能成為品學兼優的施思,但總有一天我會成為自己擅長範圍的施思。」


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