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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2015
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Bubbles is about Sum yin, a girl who lives in a fantasy world constructed from film. She’s enrolled in the Film department at university, but gets stuck writing about topics she has no interest in. She has her own stories she wants to film, but not without her own self-doubt. Her story is very original, but her classmates and family have their doubts about her ultra-creative path. Her theme is bubbles because she wanted to capture a temporary moment in her film—it may be fantasy, it may be real but both are temporary states. 如果現實不容許幻想的存在,電影與愛情會否是個出口?《泡泡》中的主角鍾心弦經過了中學填鴨式的現實洗禮,決心在大學中追求自己的電影夢,在充滿可能性的電影世界中實現自己內心的幻想。奈何在讀電影的過程卻遇到種種現實的挫折,令心弦開始懷疑自己內心的夢想是否只是一個永遠無法實現的夢想。幻想是否跟住不被現實接納?心弦以自己想的故事去強調內心的掙扎與懷疑,去一步步找出內心的答案。


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