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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2015
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We are surrounded by society’s unspoken rules like a bird in a cage. But who gets to decide those rules of morality? Ka Tong is a teacher withdrawn from others, including his wife. Eventually, by getting to know a rebelous student, the student teaches Ka Tong to reflect more on his life. 我們總是被社會的制度和常規綑綁,如同一隻籠中鳥。但道德和常規是誰定立的了,又有誰可以來決定對錯?嘉同是一名中學老師,他總是和別人保持一定距離,包括他的妻子。卓文是一個叛逆的學生,不甘活於規條和制度之下。當嘉同擔任卓文班的代課老師時,卓文的行為衝擊了他的內心,兩人漸漸熟悉。同時,淑琴也在思考著她的婚姻關係。三人的關係無聲地糾纏在一起,帶來無限愁緒……


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