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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2015
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Ah Ming works at a Cha Chaan Ting diner, called Hoi Kei. This is his story--filled with an extreme cast of characters like the annoying neighbor girl, the stern bombshell on the street, the gambling erratic owner of Hoi Kei, Uncle Choi the indispensable elderly workaholic, the beautiful cashier who does nothing, the picky pudgy customer and the mysterious student girl with blond hair. They’re all involved indirectly in a series of events that goes horribly wrong. If he had the day over again, could Ah Ming change the outcome? 開記茶餐廳的伙記阿明在一個睡過頭早上,由一通電話開始了他各種不幸。鄰居的小孩、路上的人妖、茶餐廳外的陌生漢、開記老闆、收銀萍姨、老伙記財叔、勢利眼的師奶、神祕金髮學生妹⋯⋯各種牽扯不上的關係又因阿明而交錯。兩次相遇,一點時差,改寫幾個人命運⋯⋯


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