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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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Michelle’s life was in great danger more than a decade ago but she was fortunate enough to receive a liver transplant and thus regained her life. Nowadays, whenever Michelle has a moment to spare, she would be volunteering or visiting cafes to “re-feel” her new life. | Situated at Kowloon Park, the "Garden of Life” was built to commemorate the benevolence of all organ donors. The candle-like pillars signify the lightening of hopes for the organ recipients while the engraved words recorded all those heartfelt appreciations. | Even though Ah Wing was lucky enough to receive a heart transplant, his sentiments however, are different from the rest. For over a decade, he went through lots of unpleasant experiences - bouts of bacterial infections due to anti-rejection drugs have lowered his immunity. Numerous side effects also led to his having to go through continuous referral to many specialists. | While Michelle now perceives life differently and cherishes it all the more, Ah Wing has a lot of mixed feelings and a very different view. | After a long wait, King Tse finally received news that she can have a kidney transplant. She writes about this on social media sites… | Not every story ends with a happy ending. With many patients setting foot on their new and unknown journeys, the question to ask is: How should a patient with a transplant continue their journey after the rebirth? 十多年前,Michelle命懸一線,後來得到肝臟移植,重獲新生。她有空會做義工或去咖啡茶館,重新感受生活。「生命.愛」花園在九龍公園內,紀念器官捐贈者的善行,有象徵蠟燭的柱群,表達器官捐贈燃點希望,柱群刻上受贈者家庭的心聲。阿Wing接受心臟移植後,感受卻不一樣。十多年來,他經歷各方面不良的遭遇。吃抗排斥藥,導致身體免疫力降低,容易受細菌感染。他飽受副作用困擾,不斷往其他專科複診。Michelle對生命多了感悟,更珍惜生命;阿Wing卻有另一番感想和看法。瓊姐等待換腎,收到期待已久的好消息,在社交網站發表……。不是每個故事都可以擁有美滿結局,有人踏上未知的新旅途。重生,又如何走呢?
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