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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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Recent waves of Kung Fu films in Hong Kong have triggered an upsurge of martial arts learners. Wing Chun master Li Yuk Cheong describes the Wing Chun techniques and methods. He explains that typical Hong Kong lifestyle has rendered the study of martial arts a hobby and he feels very helpless about the current state. | British Bey Logan first came to Hong Kong to pursue his Kung Fu dream. He met Hung Kuen master Mak Chi Gong by chance and even helped him set up his martial arts centre. | Not only are Li Yuk Cheong and his fellow learners inheriting the martial arts skills from their masters, they are passing on the traditional culture as well. | Mak Chi Gong talks about his attitude of martial arts learning and various aspects of his life as a martial artist. Bey Logan and Mak Chi Gong have known each other for over a decade and are like family to each other. With the society’s many cultural changes, both masters feel that this generation of martial arts learners is very different. Recent films may ignite yet another wave of Kung Fu heat, but when the passions are gone, who will be there to pass on the tradition? 功夫片再次在香港掀起學習功夫的熱潮。詠春師傅李煜昌講解詠春套路和技巧。他認為,香港的生活模式影響下,學功夫只是為興趣,他亦無可奈何。英國人Bey Logan來港追尋功夫夢,機緣巧合,認識洪拳師傅麥志剛,還幫助他開設武館。李煜昌和他的師兄弟,除了傳承師傅的功夫外,還有功夫裡的傳統文化。麥志剛講述他學功夫的態度、習武的生活點滴。Bey Logan與麥志剛有十年感情,建立了「家人」的關係。社會的文化轉變,兩位師傅都覺得這代人學拳的心態已經不同。近年,電影再次帶動功夫熱潮,但是激情過後,還有沒有人願意薪火相傳呢?
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