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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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Tsang Hiu Wai (Meko) was admitted to hospital for a checkup when she felt unwell in July 2014. She was terrified to discover that she had blood cancer. Meko began to write a diary, first for herself, and eventually decided to share her experiences through a blog called "The short hair girl's cancer fighting diary". Although severe side-effects of cancer treatments have tortured her and made her feel very anxious, with a lot of people standing by her, Meko is confident that she can overcome the illness. During the treatment, not only was her boyfriend Alex constantly at her side, he even proposed to her at the hospital ward. The illness has made Meko aware of the need to take care of herself. Both Meko and her boyfriend have now started two new hobbies – regular hiking and exercise. Cancer has made Meko think seriously about life and caused a major change – life is not just about work. | Heibe's father is also suffering from cancer and she has been feeling very emotional about it. Heibe was inspired by Meko's blog and now feels ready to actively tackle the challenge. | Hiu Wai believes that rather than wasting time worry about cancer recurrences, it is much better to… 2014年7月,曾曉慧(Meko)感到身體不適,入院檢查,驚聞患上血癌,百感交集,不知所措。最初,她寫日記給自己閱讀,後來改為寫網誌《短髮女生的抗癌日記》,與其他人分享她的抗癌經歷。治癌副作用十分厲害,令她難以忍受而惴惴不安。身邊有很多人支持,她深信一定能夠闖過難關。治療期間,她的男友Alex不離不棄,悉心照顧,更在病房向她求婚。患重病之後,她才意識到要珍惜健康。她與男友養成了一個新習慣──定期遠足和做運動。曉慧的病,令他們的人生觀有重大轉變,不再只為謀生。Heibe的父親也是患了癌症,她因而情緒低落,從Meko的網誌得到啟發,積極面對挑戰。曉慧認為,與其害怕自己癌症復發,不如……
APA: TANG, Lau Mei鄧柳媚. (2016). 短髮女生的抗癌日記短髮女生的抗癌日記. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-011206
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