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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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Since she was a child, Hung Yuk Ting (Ah Lang) has strong curiosity about sex. Her first experience of sex was when she was a primary school student. Curiosity in sex is inborn and schools and parents have the responsibility to start sex education early. | Law Yu On (Heidi), previously a student at a traditional girl school, shares her experience of sex education at her school. | While Pastor Ng Chun Chi advocates for abstinence education, scholar Kwok Kan on the other hand, has reservations about his approach. | The Education Department’s Guidelines on Sex Education in Schools states clearly the principles for educating sex at schools. Yet the knowledge Heidi and Ah Lang receive from their schools are so… | Ah Lang and Janet decide to apply for funding to set up a sex group. Ah Lang wants to create an open and relaxed environment that allows participants to discuss sex and to understand more about their bodies. | Yau Kwai Sang believes that the freedom to talk openly about sex could provide more help to young people as they are naturally curious about sex. Should we tell them not to do it, or should we educate them on how to make decisions? 熊玉婷(阿靚)從小對「性」有好奇,在小學已經偷嚐禁果。家計會指出,性好奇是與生俱來的,學校和家長應及早教導「性教育」。羅遇安(Heidi)曾就讀傳統女校,訴說學校所教的「性教育」。吳振智牧師推廣「守貞教育」,學者郭勤對他所用的手法,不以為然。教育署發佈《學校性教育指引》,表明學校推行性教育的基本原則。Heidi和阿靚從學校所獲得的性知識,卻是……。阿靚與Janet申請基金舉辦情慾小組,阿靚希望建立一個開放和舒服環境,給參加者討論「性」和了解自己的身體。邱貴生認為,開放地討論這個敏感話題,更能幫助年輕人。年輕人有性好奇,我們應該告訴他們不要做,還是教曉他們怎樣抉擇呢?
APA: LAM, Yuen ManLAM, Yuen Man. (2016). 吾講.吾知.吾做吾講.吾知.吾做. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-011208
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