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Commercial Foodie

Emilie Chan (陳衍澄) has created a website with her friends to recommend dining places. They look for good eateries, take photos and upload them to Instagram (a photo-sharing website). She is a KOL who has over 110,000 followers. She receives emails and calls almost every day from restaurants or PR companies inviting her to free food tasting events. | KOL (Key Opinion Leader) is a new name referring to people who have a certain number of followers or likes on the Internet. Their opinions can change and influence other Internet users. | Keith Cheng (鄭雋溢) works for a service agent and is responsible for matching restaurants with KOLs. He believes that the largest influence and attraction of KOLs are that they are ordinary people, making them approachable. Not only can they enjoy the opportunity for free food tasting, they can also earn incomes by writing food reviews. | Clara Lui (呂靄忻) and Dorothy Ching (程鳳妍) have set up their food webpage for around two years. However, they cannot accept the unspoken rule of "only good reviews". Therefore, they insist on declining commercial food tasting events. Food reviews emphasize on real experience. If it gets commercialized, will they then turn into the by-products of commercial packaging?
陳衍澄(Emilie)與朋友開設推介飲食的專頁,到處尋找美食,拍照後再上載到instagram(照片分享網站)。她是KOL,追蹤者(follower)超過十一萬人。她幾乎每天會收到餐廳或公關公司的電郵和電話,受邀免費試食。KOL(Key Opinion Leader,關鍵意見領袖)是一些在網上擁有一定數量追蹤者或讚好的用家的新代號。KOL的意見,能夠改變和影響其他用家。鄭雋溢(Keith)是餐廳與KOL配對服務的中介公司負責人。他認為,KOL最大的影響力和吸引力是素人的身份,他們沒有令人有高不可攀的感覺。KOL享有免費試食的權利外,還有撰寫食評的收入。呂靄忻(Clara)和程鳳妍(Dorothy)開了專頁大約兩年,都不能接受「只寫好評」這個潛規則,因此堅持不應邀商業試食。食評講求真實體驗,涉及商業運作後,會不會變成商業包裝下的副產品呢?
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