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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2017
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Leo is a pastor for the Faculty of Medicine in two universities in Hong Kong. He holds a fellowship group with students every week. He recalls the memories of studying medicine... failing almost all examinations…He was helped by his seniors. After listening to Bible stories at the Church's summer camp, he felt touched and gave up the dream of being a doctor. Then he became a pastor of the faculty to support junior students with their challenges. | Tiffany who refused to accept injustice since childhood is a graduate of Law. She had hoped that she could use law to protect justice. However, the reality is not what she expected. She gave up her career in law to study Education and eventually became a teacher. Many social issues caused her to lose confidence in law. | Leo is determined to be a pastor at the university's Faculty of Medicine because of the continuous incidents of junior students committing suicide… | Yiu Yiu (瑤瑤) who is going to become an English teacher is Tiffany's church member. Tiffany often invites her to meals to shares her opinions on teaching. Tiffany thinks that having a job in the law profession may not necessarily help protect justice. But teaching students these values from childhood makes she think that she could realise her dream more easily. | Every other week, Leo brings medicine students to visit street dwellers, hoping that they can learn how to care about others. Returning to the campus to take care of the students, Leo feels that healing one's heart is even more helpful than healing one's sickness...
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