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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2017
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I Am Not A Freeloader

“Freeloader” is a word the older generation uses to label the younger generation. However, some people think that the “Lion Rock Spirit” in the past that aimed for working hard does not satisfy the needs of this generation. In order to pursue freedom, they use their own methods to pursue their dreams for self-fulfillment. Karis Law Hoi Man (羅海憫) is a freelance performer. She sings in coffee shops and shopping malls. She also performs on stage and takes jobs in filming and advertising. She is influenced by her parents who led her to believe that young people need not follow traditional paths. Living in the present is more important. Her dream is to be a performer who could do a world concert tour one day. | After the singing contest at a TV station, Sophy Wong (王嘉儀) gave up the chance to sign a contract. She studied Law in the Chinese University of Hong Kong but wants to be a musician. She hopes that she can use music to express herself and produce her own music, integrating music from the world into Cantopop. | Yau Wai Ching (游蕙禎) was disqualified to be a legislative councilor after the Hong Kong Legislative Council oath-taking controversy. She does not care about accusation of being a “freeloader”. She believes in doing things she perceives as right. | Jackie Lau (劉展翹), an Internet celebrity, pursues her actress dream by taking advantage of the high penetration of social network, and using creativity to link together the public. Her family worries about her unstable work and income but she doesn't care. In the past few years, live streaming became popular and this became the new method for her to interact with Internet users. | The Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has done a study last year on the difficulties of upward social mobility and political participation of young people. The result shows that what young people in the new generation pursue is different from that in the older generation… Scholar Dr. Wong Tze Wai (黃子為) thinks that there is a similar view about “freeloader” in every generation…
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