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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2017
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Behind Live Streaming

Samantha, a part-time model, dresses up elaborately to appeal to her live streaming audiences. She chats with the audiences and sings to them to win supporters' to gain profits. | Joshua likes chatting with his audiences. He thinks that communication between people is important. | Scholar Dr. Chen Zhansheng points out that live streaming programmes can help foster interpersonal relationships. The purpose to do livestreaming may vary from people to people. Some people may aim for money; some want to receive praises; some are looking for soul mates. There are not many behavioral standards in the world of live streaming. Things that people cannot find in the real world they can try to find on the Internet. Live streaming is becoming popular and news media and enterprises are adopting this tool. It also attracts a lot of users to share their real-time life moments. | Chris is a student representative who knows how to use live streaming to report updates on campus construction to his fellow students. Due to the enthusiastic responses, he decided to continue doing live streaming to share his life and discuss school affairs. However, responses are quite different from his previous ones…
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