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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2017
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Saving Dogs

Keung Hoi Ting (姜凱婷), Luk Ka Chit (陸家捷) and Choi Chi Kin (蔡志健) are the frontline staff of “Hong Kong Paws Guardian”, a voluntary group for animals. Whenever they receive calls for assistance, they take immediate action. | Luk, the founder of this group, relates the grim situation in operating the service. He feels exhausted. In fact, many cases are just minor issues. | Keung was bitten by a dog in her childhood, hence she is afraid of dogs but she has overcome her fear because of her boyfriend. She gave up her previous job and decided to be a full-time volunteer for one year. They need to put in lots of effort to capture dogs. | “Hong Kong Paws Guardian” was founded four years ago. They have been renting a place to house stray dogs in Tai Tong, Yuen Long, feeding and healing them. | Choi was distressed after a dog-capture session. Therefore, he retreated from frontline and started to handle supporting work. During the Lunar New Year, he brought the dogs to the veterinary clinic for treatments. | Luk told us his wishes...
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