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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2017
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Part-time Lover?

Leon (pseudonym)'s job is as a “part-time boyfriend”. He provides a dating service for female customers but has no sexual involvements. A female customer called “Snow” (阿雪) (pseudonym) pay him for each transaction which includes all the expense during the date. | Carly is a university student. She discovered that her ex-boyfriend had an affair with another girl and she came to know about this kind of job. She had an unpleasant experience and dare not continue to be a “part-time girlfriend” anymore. | Hui Chin Ming (許展明), a scholar, points out that “part-time lover” is a synonym of “compensated dating”. People who call upon this kind of services know clearly that this is only a business transaction. They don't think of it as immoral. With the popularity of the Internet, this kind of “compensated dating” became more and more “professionalized”. It became so popular on the social media platforms teenagers use, they are exposed and thus familiar with this kind of services. | Ho Sze Man (何詩敏) and Kuan Tin Long (關天朗) met each other through a dating app. Ho believes that hiring a part-time lover is not the only way to avoid being single. Kuan's friend hires part-time lovers due to loneliness but Kuan thinks that this is an unrealistic method. | Some people think that “part-time lovers” are equal to “compensated dating”. Some think that being a “part-time lover” is only a part-time job as long as there is no sex involved. The emergence of this kind of job means that the new generation is more open-minded, or they are feeling more and more lonely, or it could be that they are becoming more materialistic.
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