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Do you think that "beating the petty person " is pejorative? Actually, the petty person gives the impression of an bad evil. As the times passed by, the traditional "beating the petty person" has been transformed into a blessing.

Everyone has two side - good and bad. Grandma means the petty person. Petty person means grandma . They belong to each other. In the story, grandma kept abusing the petty person. However, they were reluctant and tried to resist the grandma but afraid to hurt grandma.

What a story will the grandma and three petty persons carry on? What choices would the grandma’s petty person make? Do other petty person escape successfully?

The world is big, we are small. Life is to continue to choose. Regardless of the outcome of our choice, we must face and accept it.

(The text is provided by the student)



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