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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2018
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Boy Beauty Gurus

Gary has created his skin-caring and makeup tips online video channel. He reads a lot of online skin-caring resources and found that they seldom write from the male perspective, so he decided to share his ideas and experiences about this topic. He has been learning to do makeup since high school and now he has collected over a hundred makeup items. He puts emphasis on skin care routine. | Wave is Gary's friend who has been using makeup since high school. They often discuss each other’s makeup techniques. People who see makeup as a feminine thing often post hate comments on Gary's channel but Gary treats these comments calmly. | Zak Hei is a makeup artist. The way he puts on his own makeup is very different from the way he does it for his customers. What is the reason behind it? Recently, he has more and more male customers. Zak Hei is shopping for makeup items with his friend Wan. They both noticed that cosmetic brands are expanding their product lines for male customers, which means that there are more demands from men. | Chelsea is a product and brand trainer. She has noticed that there is an increase in the number of male customers and male employees in her company. Male customers mostly are from 18 to 30, with different product needs. In recent years, the idea of men wearing makeups has become more acceptable for the public. The market of male-oriented makeup and skincare is expanding. Men are now wearing makeups in order to feel more confident...
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