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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2018
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Heart Without a Home

Since a year ago, Ryle, a doctor volunteer, began to visit communities on a regular basis to do medical checking and evaluation for homeless people. These doctor volunteers would go to the communities twice a week. After the checking, homeless people in need would visit the public clinics with a referral letter from the volunteer doctor. The social workers then help them make medical appointments and see a doctor. Ryle points out that homeless people tend to neglect or ignore their health problem due to their hard lives. | Uncle Zau, a 68-year-old man, has been homeless for about two years and without a job. He was injured when he was working at a construction site. Assuming that the wound would heal itself, he did not go and see a doctor. Ryle has met a lot of homeless people in need of medical treatment. It was common for them to suffer from foot ulcer…| 70-year-old Uncle Choi has been unwell since 10 years ago. Recently, he was injured in a traffic accident and had four surgeries on his feet. He still needs to undergo orthopedics treatments. Tommy, a social worker, has been following up on Uncle Choi's situation and helping him with scheduling medical appointments. Tommy talks about the jobs and responsibilities of a social worker and his role. Uncle Choi's hygiene condition is not good and he hasn't been treated well when he was at the hospital. | Volunteering doctor Leo has multiple jobs but still regularly visits communities to care for the homeless. He talks about his experience of visiting the homeless...
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