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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2018
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The word "slasher" is used to describe a person with multiple jobs. Employment mode of the new generation is becoming more and more diverse. Many people now have jobs that cross different fields. The Internet enables information to be communicated in a highly efficient way, with the knowledge-based and sharing-type economy prevailing in today's society. As a result, jobs are no longer restricted by time and location. | Wing is studying towards a postgraduate degree in speech and language therapy. At the same time, he is also an aerobic dance trainer and an after-school tutor. Every day, he works from early morning to late night. He became interested in speech and language therapy because of his experience as a tutor. However, his favorite job is as an aerobic dance trainer. | Jennifer is a personal secretary and candle-maker. She creates handmade candles in her candle workshop after her secretary work. She also teaches people to make candles. She believes that "slashers" nowadays are not doing multiple jobs simply to survive – "slashing" has become a lifestyle for people to discover their potential and interests, to make their lives more meaningful. There are many kinds of "slashers". Some of them do things for enjoyment while keeping a daytime jobs; others only work on things they are interested in. | George Wan is the founder of "Hide and Seek Tour", a culture and heritage tour organization. At the same time, he is also a research assistant at a university and does promotional work at a flower stand company. He enjoys designing tour routes because it satisfies his curiosity in local customs. His other jobs are all related to local culture. In his opinion, popularity of a "slasher" lifestyle reflects young people's pursuit of a spiritual and adventurous life. | A study by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups has found that the younger generation is more flexible with employment. Many think that the concept of having one job in a lifetime is old-fashioned...
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