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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2018
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Stories of Young Mothers

Belle and her husband Mr. B have organised a picnic party for their daughter Hayley. After the birth of their daughter, Belle and Mr. B's dating routine has changed. Three years ago, 19-year-old Belle and 20-year-old Mr. B started their relationship. Belle was still a student with a part-time job as a dance teacher. She realized she was pregnant when her colleagues noticed that her body shape became different. Belle convinced her family, quitted school and moved in with Mr. B. After getting married, Belle soon gave birth to their daughter. | 24-year-old Ah Bo is a stay-at-home mother with two sons. Four years ago, when she just finished her education, she accidentally got pregnant with her boyfriend. They seek help from the Family Planning Association of Hong Kong and made an appointment for abortion. But the foetus' heartbeat made Bau reflect on the meaning of life. | 21-year-old Melody is a university undergraduate student. Last year, she went to the Mainland for an internship programme over the summer holiday. Soon after that she began a relationship with her boyfriend. Unexpectedly, she got pregnant but soon broke up with her boyfriend. The future life of a single mother made Melody feel ashamed to face her family. She decided to suspend school and stay at home for most of the time during her pregnancy. Then she met her current boyfriend who was willing to take care of her child. However this was criticized by relatives. | Miss Chou from the Hong Kong Children & Youth Service points out that pregnant young women or single mothers often have to face many prejudices from society and hardships in life. Ah Bo is lucky in this respect since her boyfriend is willing to bear the responsibility. His parents even offered to let them move into their home without charging them anything which solved their financial problem. Having a baby brings big changes to these young mothers' lives...
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