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Hong Kong's geographic location is very special: it has both sea and rivers, highland and lowland vegetation, which grant Hong Kong good conditions to build country parks. | Terry Lee, the founder of Trailsweeper, talks about his initiative to create this organization. He mentions that the amount of garbage in the countryside is different in different areas, and most of the garbage is mainly plastic bottles, with aluminum cans as the second most common. | Robert Lockyer is the Director of Operation of ACE foundation. He cleans the beach during the weekend with the help of his daughter and her friends. He believes that habits are deep-rooted in this society where many things are disposable, hence it is necessary to convey information about environmental protection to the younger generation. He told us what forms the largest part of garbage in the sea... | Dickson Wong is the Deputy Head of Ho Koon Nature Education Cum Astronomical Centre. He talks about the relationship between environmental protection of sea and land. Plastic bags on sea beds can suffocate and kill coral reefs. These plastics bags and bottles are causing great harms to Hong Kong's sea beds. Garbage bins can be seen everywhere, and he hopes that the number of garbage bins along the mountain tracks and recreational amenities could be reduced. He also mentioned that Taiwan would soon ban the usage of disposable plastic products, and many western countries are also considering this policy. In daily life, small plastic particles are present in our drinks and food, which impacts our health... | Chan Ka Wing, Senior Project Director of the WYNG Foundation, introduces "TrailWatch", the first mobile app that combines environmental protection and hiking activities. If a hiker discovered damages to the environment, he or she could report via the app, to be passed on to related institutions in order to follow up... 香港得天獨厚,既有海洋、淡水河溪,也有低地和高地植被,良好的郊野公園系統。清徑先鋒創辦人Terry Lee講述這個組織成立的目的。他指出,郊野的垃圾量各路徑不一,垃圾大多是膠瓶,其次是鋁罐……。Robert Lockyer是海峰環保教育基金的營運總監。他會在周末清潔海灘,女兒與她的朋友也來協助。他認為,這個用完即棄的社會,習慣是根深蒂固的,因此環保信息要灌輸給年幼的一代。他指出,海洋垃圾中,竟然有大量……。黃志俊(Dickson Wong)是可觀自然教育中心暨天文館生物科副主任。他談論海洋與陸地之間環境保護的關係,海底的膠袋可以令珊瑚窒息死亡,膠袋、膠瓶等廢物在香港的海底產生重大的影響。垃圾箱隨處可見,他希望逐步減少山徑上和康樂場所的垃圾箱數目。他又指出,台灣將會全面禁用一次性塑膠製品,歐美部份地區也考慮棄用。在日常生活中,飲品和食物都可能有塑膠粒,影響我們……。Chan Ka Wing是WYNG基金會高級項目主任。她講解「隨身行山嚮導」(TrailWatch)的使用方法,這是香港首個結合保育郊野與行山運動的手機應用程式。假如郊野受到破壞,行山人士可向網站即時舉報,網站再轉介適當的機構跟進……
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