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Eddie, the founder of DOGroom, introduces his pet hotel facilities. The targets are pet dogs that are very popular in Hong Kong. | The Hong Kong Pet Memorial Service is a commercial company dealing with animal remains. Founder Peggy explains the one-stop service of their shop. | The Animal Protection Charity Association has organized an Adoption Day. Michelle is a volunteer at the Association. She talks about the tragic story of the stray dog Tedd and the reason why the dog was abandoned. About six or seven dogs are usually adopted on each adoption day. Peggy told us that many animal volunteers take the bodies of stray cats and dogs to the memorial for cremation. | Founder of the Sai Kung Stray Dog Association Narelle Pamuk explains the reason for the establishment of the Association where 110 stray dogs are now being sheltered. | Angela Chan talks about her story of adopting her dog Momo. Narelle Pamuk explains how she teaches first-time dog owners to treat their dogs as if they are their children… | Ivan Li is the owner of his pet dog Xibala. He talks about the dramatic process of getting his dog neutered. | Narelle Pamuk explains the benefits of stray dog neutering. | Jessie Ng, founder of Animal Friend Organisation, said they have sterilized more than 10,000 cats and dogs in the past seven years. When she moved to the New Territories she found that there are many stray dogs and discovered that many dog owners just don't know (how to care for their dogs). 犬工房創辦人Eddie講解他的寵物酒店設備,服務的對象很多是香港流行的寵物犬。香港寵物紀念館是處理動物遺體的商業公司,創辦人Peggy細述該館一站式服務的內容。保護動物慈善協會舉辦領養日。Michelle是該會的義工,講述流浪狗Tedd的悲慘遭遇和狗隻被遺棄的原因。每個領養日大約六七條狗被領養。Peggy指出,很多動物義工把流浪貓狗的屍體送來紀念館火化。西貢流浪狗協會創辦人Narelle Pamuk陳述成立該協會的原因。一百一十條流浪狗受庇護。Angela Chan暢談她領養Momo的一段人狗因緣。Narelle Pamuk講述,她指導初次養狗的人,犬隻要如同子女一般養育。Ivan Li是寵物犬Xibala的主人,描述牠進行絕育手術的驚險過程。Narelle Pamuk談論流浪狗絕育的好處。動物朋友創辦人Jessie Ng講述,他們在過去七年已替超過一萬隻貓狗絕育。她遷居新界,發現許多流浪狗,原來狗主並不懂得……
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