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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2018
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Joby Wong, a visually impaired person in Hong Kong, talks about why he sought help from guide dogs. | Edith Lee is a guide dog trainer. She explains how they select dogs and train them to become guide dogs. Guide dogs have to be trained properly to learn disciplines and obedience. Joby Wong and Edith Lee both told us the advantage of having guide dogs. | In 1975, Hong Kong introduced two guide dogs to help visually impaired people for the first time. However, the lack of training and follow-up services resulted in the accidental death of the guide dogs, which caused the service to stop. Since 2011, about 30 guide dogs began their services in Hong Kong. Three members from Hong Kong Blind Union share their concerns about using guide dogs. | Roy Kwong, a member of the Legislative Council, points out that a guide dog undergoing training is not allowed to enter a restaurant. He argues that guide dogs need more practice in real life, therefore there is a need to revise the law. | Edith Lee points out that the current law limits the training and development of guide dogs and she hopes that the government would revise it. Due to the lack of government funding, the limited number of guide dogs could not satisfy the demand. | The Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services has launched public fundraising and petition activities to urge the government to find land for building guide dog breeding and training centers. | Roy Kwong said if he wanted to discuss animal rights in Legislative Council of Hong Kong, he is not even sure which specific committee to go to... Joby Wong是視障人士,陳述使用導盲犬的緣由。導盲犬訓練員李苑甄(Edith Lee)闡述,他們如何選擇合適的犬隻,訓練牠們成為導盲犬。導盲犬接受訓練的課程,包括:紀律、服從等。Joby Wong和Edith Lee都講述使用導盲犬的優點。1975年,香港首次引入兩條導盲犬為視障人士服務。缺乏專業訓練員和跟進服務,導盲犬意外死亡後,服務也因而停頓。2011年起,香港約三十條導盲犬投入服務。三名香港失明人協進會的會員,吐露他們對飼養導盲犬有各種憂慮。立法會議員鄺俊宇(Roy Kwong)指出,受訓中的導盲犬是不能進入餐廳的。他認為這些導盲犬更需要實戰,法例應當修改。李苑甄指出,法律限制了導盲犬的訓練和發展,她也希望政府修訂法例。政府沒有任何資助,導盲犬嚴重不足。香港導盲犬服務中心發起街頭募捐和簽名活動,促請政府撥地興建導盲犬培育與訓練中心。鄺俊宇講述,如果他在立法會討論動物權益,這隸屬於哪一個委員會呢?竟然是……
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