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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2019
Water, food colouring, video installation水、食用色素、錄像裝置  |  80 x 100 x 120 cm80 x 100 x 120 厘米  |  Lens-based Media鏡像媒介藝術  |  Artwork藝術作品

A bottle of water thrown away on the street, is it littering?
A bucket of water poured on the street, is it littering?
A cube of ice left on the street, is it littering?

Life is subject to social norms, even ideological restrictions, so we don’t dare to think about it.

Special thanks to Yee Lim Godown & Cold Storage

(The text is provided by the student)


特別鳴謝 裕林貨倉凍房


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