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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2019
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Three young adults born in the 90’s in mainland China, Cici is an independent singer, while He Ruichen and Wu Zhongqi are independent musicians. Cici talks about her experience as a singer-songwriter. Wu Zhongqi regards music as a passion. He Ruichen has been involved in music creation since he was a child, and entered the music industry while at university... Cici likes to express her thoughts in words. He Ruichen makes music in the recording studio and understands that inspiration comes from ... Wu Zhongqi recorded songs in the men's bathroom without help from anyone. Without a team, he aspires to perfect himself in other aspects. He Ruichen does not like to follow the mainstream network platforms and uses alternative streaming methods. What he wants to do is ... Netease Cloud Music is China's largest independent musician platform. In September 2018, there were already 70,000 independent musicians. Cici is skeptical and has some questions about the promotion strategies of the online music platform. Musician Long Fei praised Cici for her dedication to music, and criticized some young people for putting emphasis on marketing and the packaging of music. He Ruichen comments that "hot songs aren’t good, and good songs aren’t hot" .... Wu Zhongqi believes that independent music conveys a value ... 三位九十後的內地青年,Cici(Chen Chen)是獨立唱作人,何睿宸(He Ruichen)和武中奇(Wu Zhongqi)都是獨立音樂人。Cici講述她自己成為唱作人的經歷。武中奇視音樂為愛好。何睿宸自小就涉獵音樂創作,在大學讀書時入行……。Cici喜歡以直白的文字作詞來表達所思所感。何睿宸在錄音室進行音樂創作,明白任何靈感都是來自……。武中奇於男洗手間錄歌,沒有團隊支援,其他方面他希望能夠盡善盡美。何睿宸不喜歡在網絡平台上跟隨主流,自有傳播渠道。他更想做的是……。網易雲音樂是中國最大的獨立音樂人平台。2018年9月,獨立音樂人已達七萬人。在線音樂平台的推廣機制,Cici卻有一些疑問。音樂人龍飛(Long Fei)讚美Cici在音樂上盡心盡力,批評一些年輕人把音樂的主要工作放在宣傳和包裝上面。何睿宸評論「火的歌不好,好的歌不火」這個說法……。武中奇認為,獨立音樂傳達一種價值……
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