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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Faculty學院  |  2010
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I brought various children with different religious backgrounds, let them standing and telling their personal ambition in front of not their being religious praying scenes in South Asia. The video showing the moon eating effect swallowing the children’s images slowly.

1. Indu girl in Buddhism temple (video still) - I’m Assi, I want to be a teacher.

2. Muslim boy in Buddhism temple (video still) - I’m Irshad, I want to be a teacher.

3. Christian boy in Muslim (video still) - I’m Peter, I want to be a scientist.

4. Pigeons in Muslim House (video still)

1. 印度教女孩在佛教廟宇(錄像定格)— 我是亞斯,我想成為老師

2. 伊斯蘭教男孩在佛教廟堂(錄像定格)— 我是依克,我想成為老師

3. 基督教男孩在伊斯蘭祈禱室(錄像定格)— 我是彼得,我想成為科學家


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