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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Faculty學院  |  2011
A4 paper, Ink-drawing bookA4紙, 油畫簿  |  9 x 14 cm9 x 14 厘米  |  Artwork藝術作品

The diary entries and ink-drawings reflect the unfolding of my life as being—there is no real start, no real ending, just my life as it comes and goes day-by-day. The poetic diary of writing touches many things in a few words; for the writer this way opens images for reflection.

The brush-ink drawings are drawn from the spirit of Chinese calligraphy and are responses to the moment of being and ongoingness. They were done while I was hiking in the mountains or travelling between places, and while at home or in the studio. They were truly reflective of the moment of being, as the embodiment of the environment, the brush, my breath, hand, heart and mind. I did not have a picture before or while drawing; the drawing moved with what I was engaging in my mind and reflected what I saw surrounding me in the moment; perhaps a cloud slowly moving and forming in the sky, or simply the stillness of a mountain in the distance, or a tree standing strangely beside the path.


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