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Department of Biology生物系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2021
Paper cards紙卡   |  Lens-based Media鏡像媒介藝術  |  Artwork藝術作品

My work presents what To Kwa Wan is like in my eyes: The restaurants, the stores, the garages, and that one unique menu from one particular restaurant, which is even more impressive. They have now been all closed, with their gates shut down and locked, because of urban renewal plans. Fragments of life in To Kwa Wan have been collected and displayed at ToHome in hope of letting those from other districts know more about To Kwa Wan. Unfortunately, ToHome was one of those places targeted by the plans. It is believed that, in the near future, children can only hear the stories of this place from their seniors, with nothing but imagination to resort to when they are told of the human touch that characterised old To Kwa Wan, while what they will see may be bunches of skyscrapers and high-class residential buildings. 作品呈現了我眼中的土瓜灣--充滿街坊回憶的茶餐廳、士多、車房,榮興茶餐廳的「公司出前一丁」餐牌更是印象深刻,小店因社區重建計劃而最終結業,拉下鐵閘並扣上鎖頭。土瓜灣街坊生活的一點一滴都收錄在「土家」故事館內,讓他區的市民了解土瓜灣,只可惜重建計劃的範圍也包括「土家」故事館,相信下一代只能從上一代了解舊土瓜灣的一事一物,憑空想像當中濃濃的人情味,他們能夠看到的亦將會只是一棟又一棟的高樓大廈、高尚住宅……
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