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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2019
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Cracks in Democracy

The New Macau Association organized a protest, to oppose the mutual recognition agreement for Macau and Mainland driving licenses. Sou Ka Hou is a political member of the New Macau Association, and the youngest legislator in the history of Macau. In 2014, he was part of a group who led 10,000 people to surround the Legislative Council, successfully forcing the government to withdraw the "perks" bill. Ka Hou dedicates his time to expand democracy, both in and out of Parliament. Fifty days after he took office... Outside Parliament, he participates in filming network programs to discuss current affairs issues, hoping to gain public attention. Song Pek Kei from Macau United Citizens Association joined pro-China associations at an early age and was determined to work in politics. She has different views on democracy. Kam Suet Ling is the current chairman of the New Macau Association. Originally a teacher, her employment was terminated without an explanation due to her participation in social movements. Macao Youth Dynamics planned a social movement, discussing current affairs on online forums, advocating a positive movement. Chou Kwok Ping previously taught at the University of Macau, and often publicly criticized the government, and the university eventually terminated his employment. He believes that Sou Ka Hou does not have much power in Parliament, but he can encourage more young people to participate in politics. Commentator Tam Chi Keung pointed out that Sou Ka Hou can use his political status to pull back the curtain in Parliament. Macau is world-famous for its gambling industry with its brilliance and extravagance, its political space however, is relatively narrow. Pursuing democracy among the cracks is not a simple task, some people will not give up, so how shall we walk the path in the future?
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