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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2008
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When investigating for money laundering, the police discovers that the head of a biotechnological firm, Jiang, had implanted a chip into the brain of his secretary Xie. This chip contains the memory of his dead girlfriend. Since the technology is not mature, Xie reverts to her previous memory occasionally. Xie decides to pretend his girlfriend when she has her own memory... 公安調查生物集團洗黑錢的案件時,發現蔣卓明的女友唐玲芸發生交通意外,卓明因不想失去她,把她的記憶輸入晶片,然後再把它移植入秘書謝瑤的腦內。卓明替謝瑤做了整容手術,將她變成玲芸。晶片技術並未成熟,「玲芸」來經時,便會因生理紊亂影響記憶系統,恢復過往(謝瑤)的記憶。清醒的謝瑤決定假裝玲芸......
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SHI, Lei