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Or Ka Choi is the owner of Choi Kee, a first generation outdoor food stall (also nicknamed “mushroom pavilion”) operated by the HK Housing Authority. When many public services became privatized, The Link REIT (now Link REIT) took over the management and started renovating these food stalls. A year ago, Choi Kei was notified by The Link REIT that Butterfly Estate would also be renovated and the rent would go up… | For almost 70 years, Man Yuen Noodle shop has been a landmark in Central to many. Pop-up book designer Kit Lau who lives in the neighborhood has many stories to tell about the shop. When the original owner died10 years ago, Lam Siu Chun and his wife took over, transformed and moved the shop to the opposite side of the street. When the property owner raised the rent drastically, the second generation owners were unwilling to inherit the business. Once again, Man Yuen has to face the fate of closing down. A day before Man Yuen closed, a lot of people went and the shop was completely full. Kit Lau believes that the value of an outdoor food stall is not simply about food, but also part of a lifestyle that allows people to gradually build friendships and relationships. Many of Choi Kee’s frequent customers gather together to talk about their memories… 柯嘉材是財記大牌檔老闆,房屋署第一代大牌檔(俗稱「冬菇亭」)商戶。公營事業私營化後,領匯(領展前身)接手管理,陸續翻新冬菇亭,財記在一年前收到領展通知,蝴蝶邨進行翻新工程,租金大幅上升……。民園麵家屹立中環近七十年,曾是許多人心目中的地標。立體書作家劉斯傑是當地街坊,暢談與民園麵家的一段往事。十年前,原牌主離世,林笑珍兩夫婦接手,民園在原址對面轉型重生。業主大幅加租,子女不願繼承,民園再次面臨結業。……民園結業前最後一日,不少人來到捧場,因而座無虛席。劉斯傑認為,大牌檔的價值,不只是供應食物,也是一種生活文化,讓人慢慢地建立感情。財記結業前,一班熟客講述自己的感受……
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YUNG, Ching Yi