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This video explains how To Kwa Wan got its name. In the sixties, the developing area of To Kwa Wan became an industrial hub with a rising number of small factories. Mrs. Chow ran a small shop selling many different products, which changed according to the times. Local tour guide Ng Lik Bo describes what Wan Fat Street looked like in the past. In 2010, the collapse of a building on Ma Tau Wai Road resulted in a number of fatal injuries. After the incident, safety concerns were raised by the government, and after inspections of some 700 buildings, revealed that many had structural problems. However, reconstruction plans proved to be difficult, such as the passing of the landlord. Merchants and residents were critical of the plans made by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA). They gathered in an assembly to voice their opinions to the URA. Motorcycle shop owner Mr. Wu pointed out that one of the reasons was that there are many small-scale auto repair workshops in the area… He also stated that after the factories are forced to move out, it will be hard for shop owners to afford the expensive rent in other areas… Mr. Chow is a resident of a rooftop house, and stated that his situation caused distress. In 2017, the URA issued acquisition proposals to the property owners of the three redevelopment projects in To Kwa Wan, proposing a record-high purchase price. Mrs. Chow, Mr. Wu and Ng Lik Bo all expressed their views about the reconstruction of the old district of To Kwa Wan... 片中講述土瓜灣地名的由來。二十世紀六十年代,土瓜灣發展輕工業,小型工廠林立。Mrs. Chow憶述,他們經營小商店多年,售賣貨品的種類,隨時代發展而轉變。本地導遊Ng Lik-bo簡述「環字八街」往昔的面貌。2010年,馬頭圍道發生塌樓事件,導致多人死傷。事故發生後,政府非常重視,檢查超過700棟樓宇,很多都有結構問題。可是,重建計劃相當困難,例如:業主已去世。商戶和居民都批評市建局的安置計劃不妥善。他們發起集會,聲討市建局……。摩托車店老闆Mr. Wu指出,區內有很多小規模汽車維修工場,他分析其中原因……。Mr. Wu又指出,這些工場被迫遷出後,他們將難以負擔他區昂貴的租金,還有……。Mr. Chow是天台住戶,忿忿不平地傾訴自己此刻的慘況。2017年,市建局向土瓜灣三個重建項目的物業業主發出收購建議,提出歷來最高的收購價。土瓜灣舊區重建,Mrs. Chow、Mr. Wu與Ng Lik-bo都表達自己的看法……
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